About this blog

So, this WordPress template has an ‘About Me’ section I’m supposed to fill out. I didn’t know how to start writing about me, because honestly that’s a long story. I’m 38 years old, I have a lot of stories. So rather, I renamed this section ‘About this blog’ because really that’s why you’re here. You’re here for the blog, not completely me Many of you don’t know me yet so you can’t really be here for me… yet.

But, then I got really twisted in my thoughts. This blog is me, because it’s all about my thoughts and opinions. So maybe I should write about me. Damn, I’m really confused now.

So I’ve concluded this:  this blog is about my thoughts and ideas around experiences, revelations, questions and they have all been influenced by my genetics, environment and experiences.

Though I will give you bits and pieces as we go into more details I’m going to refrain from sitting here and giving you a whole bio. That may come later but for now I just wanna start writing about something other than me.

Truly my entire life, today, and for the near future is my children. I am still a work in progress in making time for myself and understanding what I am truly passionate about. But one thing I do know is that every choice I make from the moment I wake up (or someone else does) to what I cook, where I go, how much time I have to work, and even what time to go to bed revolves around my children. That is why they are the main picture of this site. I will talk about the importance of accepting parenthood at it’s fullest later, another day. For now, it’s just important to highlight that once a parent your life is not your own. And guess what, that is ok. 

I am married. 17 years in almost, really long. I am a biological mom to three kids between the ages of 3-12. I am stepmom to a beautiful young lady, mom to a doberman pinscher, business owner, daughter (obviously), sister to one and decent friend to some. I try to keep my circle around me small but with so many extroverts in my family my circle seems very large at times. That can be good, even for us introverts, a bigger circle. When tragedy hit our family a year ago (another upcoming post) our “village” really showed up. I often think I can do it on my own, but seriously, unless I want to lose my mind, my temper or my complete sense of self we need our community, our people. We don’t have to socialize with them always, we don’t have to volunteer for every event, but when you do show people at that one time that you care, believe it or not, there are good people out there who notice. With so much cynicism in the world and a very one-for-all mentality, it’s nice to know that at least my neighbourhood (maybe yours too but I don’t know it) is pretty full of more than decent humans. 

So I am a lot of things but shockingly still trying to find myself in this mad and crazy life. When I say mad, I mean like Mad Hatter mad, like insane. That’s what this blog is going to do. Help me start to find myself and become an outlet for the many ridiculous rants, questions I have about life and just words I just need to get out of my head. I have a few projects, but this blog is the first that will spawn into the others. See, I am a big believer about having intentions and making things happen through actions. Do I dream of being a writer, yes, do I dream of owning my own nutrition business, yes, do I dream, hell yes. So there, I just put it out there. Now the universe can take it and do with it what it will. This blog is me doing something just for me. Not my kids, not my husband, my house, my staff, family or friends. This is for me. And I hope through this I can write messages that will motivate others to do the same, or even just one more human. That would be cool. 

So what will this blog be about? It will be about life from my experiences. To itemize, my experiences will range across family, marriage, addiction, health, nutrition, fitness, psychology, broken homes, learning disabilities, relationships with and as parents, mental health, cooking and oh my so so so much more. 

 That about sums it up for now. It would be far too much to give you all of it. I mean there’s just too much to get into if I’m going to explain what each person means to me and how they have a place in my life.  Maybe I will update this post at a later date when I feel to add more but I have so much other stuff to give and want to give it in pieces. Okay? My blog my rules. (insert laughing face, then a JK). I hope you like even just one of these posts. And if you don’t, tell me why. I claim to know nothing. I just have opinions. And I’d love to hear  yours too. 

I am always open for feedback and comments.. Positive ones help me feel maybe I have som