About this blog

Since this is my first blog ever I assume if you’re reading this, you know me personally. Or at least neighbourly. So you’re first question is probably… what is Alana writing about?

I will answer that but it’s not an easy question to answer. See, I like to write. I like to research and write. And I like to write some more. I also like to find answers when I’m dealing with situations in my life and I know that if I’m doing this there must be others. I don’t believe that my ideas are the best ones and I’d really like to hear other’s. I want to start these conversations so I’m hoping this blog will do just that.

I hope I can share cool things about life that I discover. I hope others can share back too. I hope I can grow this into a creative outlet for my mental health. And I hope that I’ll be exposed to new ideas, questions and topics by all of you. This isn’t just about me talking to you but rather a place for likeminded and non-likeminded people to talk about, well, life.

This is a search for mental, physical and spiritual wellness in all it’s forms. Psychology, nutrition, exercise, parenting, relationships, functional and dysfunctional family dynamics, work and hobbies are all topics I will probably share my challenges and experiences on. This isn’t about sugar coating life or pretending I’ve got it all figured out either. Sometimes posts may be raw, sad or controversial but that’s truly life. This is real talk. And we’re about to get real. So let’s get writing.